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10 Fascinating Facts About Whales


Mankind has long been fascinated with the earth’s largest mammal – the whale. We have been impressed by the way such a large animal can carry itself in an almost majestic way upon the ocean’s waves much like how the lightest bird sails through the air. Although Captain Ahab may not have held these creatures in this kind of esteem, they are truly a species to be admired and respected. This is why so many people look forward to whale watching in Kauai. Once they are out on one of our private tours in Kauai, tourists often feel a certain kinship with these deceptively gentle creatures. If you are planning to join us on one of these tours you may wish to know the following facts about these gentle giants.

  1. When a whale dies, its carcass can support a complex localized ecosystem of deep called the Bathyal or Abyssal zone for decades.
  2. Whales have the heaviest brain in the animal kingdom. In fact, a sperm whale’s head takes up to nearly a third of its body length. Thus, its skull is large enough to park a car inside.
  3. The Bowhead Whale has been known to live for as long as 200 years. This makes it quite possibly the longest living mammal on earth.
  4. Whales are actually related to hippopotamuses. This is also true of dolphins.
  5. The arteries of the Blue Whale are so large that an average-sized human could walk right through them.
  6. A whale’s mouth can store up to 90 metric tons of food.
  7. Whale watching actually helps whales by making people more aware of the dangers they face from man, etc.
  8. The North Atlantic right whale is the single most endangered whale species. It is found near the Atlantic coasts of Canada and in the USA. As of this writing, it is a protected species.
  9. Whales respond positively to some kinds of music. Beluga whales, in particular, have been known to be attracted to the music emanating from underwater sound systems.
  10. Male humpback whales sing incredibly complex songs that vary in frequency from 20-9,000 Hertz. These songs are comprised of squeaks, grunts and other sounds that help them to locate large masses of krill among other purposes.

If you are fascinated with whales, as many people are, we can satisfy your curiosity with one of our private charters. Our resident biologist can give you even more information about these fascinating creatures as you relax and enjoy all that Kauai has to offer.