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Things to Do in Kauai

Boat Tour

In a state already known for its beauty, diverse wildlife and natural attractions, Hawaii’s Kauai is known to many as the Garden Island. People who visit here often rave about the relaxed vibe and feeling of peace they are struck with in this island paradise. In fact, the only complaint most visitors have is that there simply isn’t enough time to do the many things there are to do here or enough time to see the many things there are to see.

  • Snorkeling off the Na Pali coast – The Na Pali coast features a gorgeous expanse of cliffs and vegetation that spans some 17 miles along Kauai’s northwest shore. Travelers can visit the coast on foot or they can coast (pun intended) by taking one of the best boat tours in Kauai which we offer. Snorkeling allows visitors to encounter some of the island’s underwater life such as green sea turtles.
  • Catamaran sailing: Skim across the warm waters surrounding Kahanu and see the live, lush, vibrant coast. We will dispel any notion you may have that catamaran sailing is sedate and boring.
  • Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge: On the northernmost point of Kauai is Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge which is home to some of the largest sea birds in Hawaii. Nature lovers can, for a nominal price, see birds such as Red-Footed Boobies, Frigatebirds and the Nēnē Goose (a.k.a. Hawaiian goose).
  • Koloa Zip-line: Are you more of a thrill seeker than a bird watcher? For less than 200 dollars you can enjoy a 3-hour zip-line adventure starting from the Old Koloa Sugar Mill. Additionally, you will enjoy an aerial view of Waita Reservoir and the ocean.
  • Wailua Falls: The same fall seen in the opening of the TV show “Fantasy Island”, Wailua Falls feeds into the Wailua River and is some 173 feet tall. The view from any angle can only be described as majestic.
  • Farmer’s Market in Hanalei: Of course what vacation to Kauai would be complete without sampling some of freshest food the island has to offer?

In short, there are so many things to do while you are here that one article could never do Kauai justice. You just have to come here yourself and try to squeeze in as much of the scenery, food, wildlife and experiential activities as you can.