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Snorkeling Tips for Beginners


Have you ever wanted to go snorkeling but thought to yourself – that looks fun but it also looks like it can be dangerous. Well, if you have then you are probably ready to try snorkeling for the first time. If you have a sense of the fun and you have a healthy respect for this exotic and sometimes hazardous environment, amazing adventure awaits you as you view some of the ocean such as sea turtles, seals and sea urchin. If you are a beginner to snorkeling the following tips will help you stay safe and increase your enjoyment of this amazing experience.

• Sometimes it pays to pay more: Don’t skimp when it comes to your safety. Buy the best quality gear that you can afford. Next, make sure that your mask fits your face and can be easily adjusted. There are several online fitting guides that will help you find just the right size and shape.
• Check your equipment check (Mask, Snorkel, Fins): Prior to entering the water, do a quick equipment check to make sure everything is in proper working condition. For example, make sure that your mask properly adheres to your face and that it stays in place without your having to hold it there. Also, make sure that your fins fit properly and are not too tight.
• Practice basic snorkeling skills: Before snorkeling in the ocean for the first time practice basic skills. For example, practice floating while you are wearing your equipment. A large swimming pool is the perfect place to try this. Also, be mindful of how you are breathing. Practice breathing steadily in and out of your snorkel while you are afloat.
• Choose the right location: Choose a spot that has a moderate climate and has many wonderful things to see. You can find such a place at our family based facility. Witness humpback whales of the Na Pali coast on one of our Kauai catamaran Hanalei tours and see the vibrant marine life underneath the ocean.
 Don’t touch anything: Even harmless looking sea life can be dangerous if touched. Show respect for your environment and the creatures around you without doing anything that they might find threatening.
Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy your snorkeling experience which is, after all, the whole point. Even if you don’t choose to snorkel, you can still join us on one of our tours of the Na Pali Coast or south shore.