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Adventures Awaiting You on the Na Pali Coast

Napali Coast

It’s hard to believe a place this beautiful exists but it does – the Na Pali Coast. However, this belief is held only by those who have not visited the most beautiful coastline on the planet. For visitors who have, there is the beauty of the Na Pali Coast itself to take in as well as the myriad activities to occupy one’s time. Let’s take a look at some of the things there are to do in this “almost too beautiful to believe” part of Hawaii located along the northwest side of Kauaʻi.

  • Whale watching: If you visit the Na Pali Coast in December and join us on one of our tours, you are likely to see the humpback whales of Na Pali coast make their annual migration to play and breach in Hawaiian waters.
  • Hiking: Of course, it is one thing to see the coast and the surrounding waters from the ocean. It’s quite another to take in the rugged mountain paths and beautiful terrain from the land. This way you can get a complete view of Kauaʻi and the Na Pali Coast.
  • Camping: Na Pali Coast State park is a 6,000 acre property that has three camping sites that are not necessarily easy to access but are great for those who desire a challenge. It is also great for those who desire to see stunning seabirds, and the other wildlife that inhabit the park. Just be sure to bring a camera with you. You won’t want to miss a thing.
  • Hanakapi’ai Falls: Hanakapi’ai Falls is as much a challenge to reach as it is a beauty to behold. The Falls are recessed deep inside Hanakapi’ai Valley on the Na Pali coast and are 410ft high. One of the rewards of hiking to these Hanakapi’ai Falls is that you will be able to do so while witnessing rare and precious native plant life as well as a bamboo forest.
  • Tunnels Beach: Tunnels is an excellent place for snorkeling with its shallow reefs and beautiful vegetation.

History of the Na Pali Coast

The Na Pali Coast was first settled by Polynesian navigators circa 1200AD. (“Na Pali” means “the cliffs” or “many cliffs” in Hawaiian.) Afterward, many others migrated to this beautifully rugged area including Tahitians. In 1778 the infamous Captain Cook visited Kauai bringing with him Westerners who were eager to take advantage of its charm. Today, the Na Pali Coast, the waters surrounding it and the rest of Kauai are popular tourist destinations. You can enjoy them via our Kauai boat charters as we show you all the natural beauties along the coast.